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What does a foundation look for in a grant proposal???  What can make your proposal stand out better than others??  Well in talking with numerous foundations and writing grants for over 15 years, I have learned five things that will help your proposal stand out  and I have packaged them into what I call...
The Five C's of a Successful Grant Proposal
  • Creative - do something different not the same old stuff repackaged. Foundations are looking for new and exciting projects.  Be creative on how to meet the needs of the people who depend on your services. 
  • Collaboration -  more the better.  Proposals that demonstrate that they are collaborating with other ministries have a greater likelihood than those that don't.  Foundations want to see ministries working together. 
  • Capacity - does your ministry have the ability or capacity to do what you are asking the foundation to fund.  Some ministries have been serving 100 people a year for 10 years then they request a grant to serve 300 people a year??  The ministry may not have the capacity to serve that many.  Same is true for capital projects... if your a ministry and you want to build a new building do you have the capacity or ability to maintain and operate that building?  Additional heating costs, janitorial costs, electric, staff, etc... These are questions you have to ask yourself BEFORE you submit the proposal. 
  • Continuation - (Sustainability) how are you going to pay for it after their giving stops?  Especially if you are asking for salary or program money?  If a foundation funds a salary of someone how will you demonstrate that you can pay for the salary in year two?? year three?  They don't want to give to something that will stop after their gift stops.
  • Calculate - (Measure or Evaluate) how are you going to show the project worked?  How will you measure your success?  Evaluate your project?  You need to have some type of evaluation tool to demonstrate to the funder that the project was a success or failure.   
Grant Opportunity for Christian Schools!!!

Best Buy and the Best Buy Children’s Foundation are proud to support schools using technology to make learning fun. The te@ch program will provide a $2,500 Best Buy Gift Card to schools in recognition of programs or projects that creatively integrate interactive technology into the curriculum. This year $3,000,000 will be awarded nationwide to 1,200 schools located within 25 miles of a Best Buy store. Deadline for this is October 1st, however applications will be reviewed on a first come basis so apply asap!!! Go to (under the Community Relations link) for information on how to apply. Awards will be announced on January 15, 2005 on (under the Community Relations link).

One More Grant Opportunity!!!

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’s Faith in Action Grants program, announces a call for proposals. These grant applications will be administered by the Wake Forest University School of Medicine. Go to for more information.  Funding will be made to support coalitions that ally religious congregations with other community organizations to provide volunteer care to individuals who are homebound due to long-term health problems. Grants will be awarded of $35,000.  Deadline Oct 1st.  


Calling All Grantwriters!!
Visit to see how you may be able to partner with ministries looking for experienced grant writers. 
Christian Foundation Directory
If you haven't ordered your copy of the "Directory of Foundations Supporting Christian Organizations" now is the perfect time. The directory features over 90 foundations that give to Christian organizations all around the country.  Go to to view a sample page and for more information. 


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